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19.76 GBP
brass replica for original Smiths fuel sender units. Runs with E10 fuel
Why use a brass float?
There are different blends of fuel in use on any given day. The blends are formulated to deal with seasonal temperature shifts, altitude, and regional air pollution regulations. New additive packages are constantly being developed to improve performance and reduce emissions. E10 fuel, for example, is being used in increasing amounts. In the last couple of years we have seen an increase in problems with original Smiths plastic sending unit floats because they have developed a leak. In some cases, the seams have simply opened up, and the consensus seems to be that the new additives are attacking the plastic or the glued seams. We offer a complete range of replacement sending units with plastic floats made using compounds that do not react to current gasoline blends. To solve the original plastic float problem, we now offer a brass float that will work with these original Smith’s sending units. It is a simple matter to replace the float, which is clipped into a loop in the wire arm of the sender.
Please note: These floats will not work with early Smiths units with soldered-on metal floats.