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Engine oil

Classic Pistoneeze 20W-50
Millers Classic Pistoneeze 20W-50 is a moderate detergent premium SAE 20W-50 multigrade mineral engine oil. High quality solvent refined base oils with latest technology performance additives and shear stable viscosity index improver. It is specifically engineered for classic cars incorporating a modern filtration systems. It is formulated with ZDDP (zinc/phosphorus).
Use as received for engine lubrication of primarily pre 1980 vehicles, both Petrol and Diesel, which were developed on the multigrade oils of their time.
Millers Classic Pistoneeze 20W-50 incorporates modern additive technology with period viscometrics to provide the optimum lubrication characteristics. It is suitable for higher mileage applications where oil consumption is a problem as high viscosity helps to reduce oil loss and leak-
age. The modern technology ensures an oil which will meet up to date specifications along with meeting the ‘period’ performance requirements.
Oil Name Classic Pistoneeze
Viscosity 20W-50
Base Oil mineral
Specifications API SJ.
Scope multigrade
Filling Quantity 1 l