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Penrite Engine oil

Classic V-Dub 20W-60
Penrite Classic V-Dub is an engine oil for use in air-cooled engines. To meet the special requirements in air-cooled engines, is supplied with increased zinc wear protection. Air-cooled engines use their engine oil for cooling purposes. The viscosity range of Penrite V-Dub supports this: Even at high temperatures, the oil film is sufficiently strong. V-Dub prevents a tacky additive that prevents the oil from draining completely when the vehicle is stored. So the engine is protected significantly better against corrosion.
V-Dub is particularly suitable for Volkswagen built before 1960 (oil cooler), older Porsche, Citroën 2CV, Fiat 500, NSU Prinz and Tatra.
Viscosity 20W-60
Filling Quantity 5 l