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Disc brake conversion kit

with 4 pot calipers - fits to Salisbury rear axle. Fitting only with 16" wheels possible!

Land Rover 90", 110" and early Defender (1983-93)

These Disc Brake kits are a simple and effective conversion to transform drum brakes on any Series Land Rover (front and rear), or Defenders with Salisbury rear axles, to disc brakes. Containing all the required parts, fitting is simple, as it uses the familiar Land Rover procedure used to service a wheel bearing. It is a non-invasive technique, which requires no modification to the swivel ball housing, so no need for grinders or drills.
In fact the complete kit can be removed from one vehicle to another without leaving any trace of the conversion. The upgrade to disc brakes requires fitting 16" x 6J wheels. These accommodate the 4 pot stainless steel calipers, and with stronger wheels, attached with the included extension studs maximise the benefits of the improved disc braking. More rubber through a larger "footprint", gives better and more controlled braking, especially in wet and muddy conditions.
Vehicle Type Approval N