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Limora Dip stick cleaner

1.51 GBP
Dip stick cleaner
with Limora logo, made of 2 mm strong industrial felt. Dimensions: 75 x 115 mm, with wire holder and 10 exchangeable inspection tags. Attach this little helper in the engine compartement and be sure to have a wiper for the dipstick when you need one
The little helper for the periodic oil-level check. Who hasn’t experienced it, the paper disposal at the petrol station is empty, no paper towel to hand and the rag that was stashed in the engine compartment is gone. The dip stick cleaner shows when the next oil change is due and is always present to wipe off the dip stick. Just mount it using the wires in a suitable spot in the engine compartment. Since the dip stick cleaner is washable and comes with interchangeable inlay cards it will be your long time companion just like your classic car.