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Cylinder head gasket set

with head gasket made from high quality composite material. Bore size: 86.00 mm + 0.5 mm, thickness: 0.35", built in thickness: 0.33"

Jaguar XK120 and XK140 (1948-57) • XK150 3.4 (1957-61) • Mark I 3.4 (1957-59) • Mark II 3.4 (1959-67) • S-Type 3.4 (1963-68) • Mk7 (1950-57) • Mk8 (1956-58)

The genuine cylinder head gasket for the classic Jaguar XK engine were originally just made of plain steel and known for corrosion and other problems. We can offer a composite head gasket of the latest design, using the most advanced manufacturing techniques. With our new gasket made from high quality composite material you have the following benefit:
• stronger support for oil and water galleries
• bigger bore sizes possible
• higher compression possible
• improved design for reliability