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Cylinder head bolt

10.08 GBP
Cylinder head bolt

Land Rover Freelander I: 1.8 Petrol (1997-2006)

MG MGF and MGTF (1995-2005)

other manufacturers Rover: 100, 200, 400, 25, 45, 75. Lotus: Elise

These so-called stretch bolts are specifically designed to give a set length under the right torque. As such they should never be used a second time. The desired bias requires careful installation. The cylinder head bolts are assembled in several stages with a specific tightening torque. When this torque is reached, the bolts are turned further through a defined angle which pre-loads them into a plastic region. We recommend that new cylinder head stretch bolts be used and any work carried out to your engine is done in accordance with a factory workshop manual. Whilst you are doing this job we consider it advisable to replace the water pump and expansion cap to minimise any future problems.