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Cylinder head

bare, compression ratio: 8:1 - new item

Land Rover Series II, IIA and III (1958-84): All 4 cylinder petrol with 2.286 cc. engine

How to tell if you have a 7:1 or 8:1 compression head
Look at the centre head bolt between the carburettor and the rocker cover. The surface of the head under that bolt may look like the other head bolt mounting surfaces or it may be a raised flat surface about 1 inch wide that goes between the rocker cover and the edge of the head.
If the mounting surface under this head bolt looks like the surface under the other head bolts, you have a 7:1 head.
If you have the raised rectangular surface look carefully to see if there is a number stamped on that surface. If there is no number or a 7 stamped there then you have a 7:1 head. If there is an 8 stamped there then you have an 8:1 head.