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Cylinder head

new item made from alloy. 7-port crossflow head including fully built head plus twin Weber 40DCOE carburettors and linkage kit

Mini 1275 cc

We now offer a Crossflow aluminium cylinder head for classic British cars that used the BMC / British Leyland 'A' Series engine. The heads are manufactured to the high standards expected from us, and are up to 75% lighter than the original cast iron units thanks to the use of LM25 aluminium.
The new head is designed to flow up to 25% more efficiently, offering full crossflow characteristics.
The head features Silicon Bronze valve guides and is designed for use with Weber DCOE Carburettors or throttle bodies using the same fitment pattern.
The MSX crossflow cylinder head is availlable as bare head (with valve guides and valve seats) or ready to bolt on (valves and valve springs mounted).
Vehicle Type Approval N