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No-Rosion Cooling system cleaner Radiator Flush

11.21 GBP
Cooling system cleaner
removes lime scale, rust and sludge, brings back the full cooling ability of the system. Good preparation before curing the system with No-Rosion cooling system treatment
Hardness in water and inhibitors in antifreeze combine with tiny rust particles to form abrasive gels that cause overheating and premature water pump failure. These coolant gels also adhere to the inner surfaces of cooling systems, particularly in heat exchange areas, and literally "bake on" to form scales and deposits that reduce heat transfer, and cause overheating. Corrosion thrives under these scales, because it is not possible for inhibited coolant to reach the metal surface under the scale. This causes eventual leaks and system failure. Additionally, glycol in antifreeze breaks down over time to form acids that reduce the pH of coolant, and cause corrosion. No-Rosion Coolant Flush is a powerful Industrial Grade formula that helps remove antifreeze gels and rust particles. It neutralizes weak acids, and cleans/primes metal surfaces inside the cooling system for follow-up treatment with No-Rosion Cooling System Corrosion Inhibitor. It is safe and easy to use, and does NOT contain any strong acids that can actually remain in the system even after the flush is complete, and do more damage than good.
Filling Quantity 473 ml