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Evans® Coolant Vintage Cool 180°

32 GBP
waterless engine coolant with a very high boiling point for Vintage cars. Colour: purple-clear
Vintage Cool 180° waterless coolant is for vintage car engines that have pre-nodular cast iron blocks and many components made from copper and brass. Not suitable for engines using thermo-syphon cooling systems (no waterpump).

• contains no water eliminating the problems caused by water based coolants, increasing reliability and extending engine life
•boiling point above 180°C eliminating the risk of overheating and boil-over associated to water based coolants
• generates 75% less vapour pressure than water based coolants, significantly reducing strain on hoses, seals and gaskets
• reduces cavitation erosion by 75% compared with water based coolants and eliminates oxidation corrosion
• proven to last more than 20 years and a million miles in service without the need for replacement
• been tested and certified as Non Toxic by an EPA approved laboratory. It is biodegradable and will not bio-accumulate
Filling Quantity 2 l