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Conversion kit

Triumph Conversion kit
to Rotoflex rear axle

Triumph Spitfire MK3, MK4 and 1500 (1967-80)

Upgrading the Spitfire rear suspension
This problematic feature of early models can be alleviated by switching to an independent multi-link rear suspension where the drive shafts are not suspension elements. Triumph developed this ‘rotoflex’ style of suspension on their GT6 models. It gave reduced camber change and lowered the rear roll centre but it was heavier and more complex than the Spitfire ‘swing axle’ system. Hence swing axles survived in the Spitfire. However there is an upgrade to a ‘rotoflex’ system which deals with most of its shortcomings and makes it applicable to the Spitfire – almost a ‘bolt on’. This consists of improved drive shaft with constant velocity joints. These are light, easy to fit and virtually maintenance free. The kit also includes the wishbone and fixing brackets, adjustable radius arms and mountings. The transverse spring should be fixed as rear roll is not a problem with ‘rotoflex’. This kit includes also the larger GT6 rear brakes, so some plumbing modifications must be made.
Vehicle Type Approval N