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Fiat 126 (1972-1987)

The Fiat 126 was born out of the need to keep the proven concept of the Fiat 500 sellable for some more years. The young designer Pio Manzu has succeeded in creating a handsome bodywork that greatly enhances the practicality of the car. This new Fiat 126 essentially took over the floor, underpinnings and an enlarged engine of the Fiat 500, while the different roof shape and the new position for the fuel tank meant that the car has now room for four people and luggage. From 1972 onwards the 126 has been built in Italy. 1975 the production started in Poland. There, the Fiat 126 is carefully modernised again and again, a temporarily available water-cooled version 126 BIS soon disappears again. After 25 years and 3.4 million units, the production ended in 2000.