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compleate system with conversion kit

Triumph TR3 from TS13053, TR3A, TR3B, TR4 and TR4A: models with 'High Port' cxylinder haead and 86 mm or 87 mm pistons (1956-67)

Using the same Eaton supercharger technology available on modern cars, this supercharger kit offers power increases of 40% or more. Supercharging gives your classic gobs of low end torque, which makes passing easier and reduces the need to downshift when you want to go. Installed on a fresh stock engine, the supercharger kit offers kick in the backside power without unduly stressing the engine, and offers superb drivability. The vacuum operated bypass assembly ensures minimal impact on fuel mileage when cruising, but offers instant boost when the need arises.
Designed for bolt on installation using common hand tools, this conversion kit requires no permanent modifications to your classic. The kit includes everything necessary for the installation, including a new SU-HD8 carburettor with air filter, water pump, serpentine belt pulleys, and alternator conversion kit. The alternator conversion is required owing to space considerations under the bonnet.
Please note: Early cars must be converted to negative earth.
Vehicle Type Approval N