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Redline Water Wetter

Doubles the wetting ability of water. Improves heat transfer. Reduces cylinder head temperature. Reduces rust, corrosion and electrolysis. Cleans and lubricates water pump seals and can be used with all antifreeze/coolants. Improves the ability of coolant to wet heat transfer surfaces by 50%. This provides significantly better coolant contact in the cylinder head and can reduce coolant and head temperature. Can be used with 100% water in racing but does not protect magnesium or alter freezing point.
Filling Quantity: 355 ml


Oil drain pan

with 15 l volume and 14 cm total height. Integrated funnel, large handles, acid resistant, antisplash-system
Acid Resisting, only 6" height, integrated funnel and large handles. A clever solution, which makes changing oil easy. The surrounding rim prevents the spilling of the waste oil and eases further processing.


Tool bag

made from heavy duty black canvas, dimensions: 30 x 15 x 15 cm
Made of high quality canvas - extra strong and waterproof, separate side pockets with brass snaps, reinforced and fully enclosed wooden base, all seams of tear-resistant nylon yarn, handles special webbing, all interior seams are trimmed, zip with stable teeth.

Part No 303509   £14.50
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Part No 318068  £21
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Wing cover

size: 100 x 56 cm
made of soft black cotton cloth with five pockets for tools. The built in magnets fix the cover to the wing. Suitable for use with any vehicle. Protection against dirt and scratches.



packet with 80 standard blade type fuses. These fuses stop the guesswork during fault finding! When they burn out they light up! Content: 10 of 5, 15, 25 and 30 ampere fuses, 20 of 10 and 20 ampere fuses plus a fuse remover


Brake bleeding set

an excellent way to take away the fuss and mess from bleeding hydraulic systems
After all work on the brake system, at least the affected circuit, but better the entire system needs to be bleeded. Bleed brake and clutch cuircits easily and safely on your own, without a helping hand. For this purpose, connect the bleeder kit to the air pressure (e. g. spare wheel) and allow the brake fluid to be forced through the line. Ready. Bubble-free!

Part No 318071   £23.53
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Part No 493017  £24
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