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Wire brush

for battery terminal maintenance with 3 different work heads


Battery master switch

with bypass fuse for clock, alarm system etc. Smart battery main switch prevents: battery discharge, fire hazard, theft, risk of short circuit! Our switch is made of solid metal. By loosening the thumbscrew, the starter circuit is interrupted. The supplied 30A bypass fuse receives the power supply for small electric loads such as clock, radio, alarm system or parking light.


Radiator fin rake

to align and straighten cooling fins on radiators and oilcoolers to provide an optimum heat transfer

Part No 479859  £11.34
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Part No 318072   £15
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Part No 348635  £12.61
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Fire extinguisher spray

AFFF foam spray for fire classes A B F E, up to 1000 volts, 24 cm total height
Basic protection in garage and glove compartment. The good idea on a budget. Foam spray to suppress uprising fires of many classes (A, B, F, E). An extinguisher like this should be found not only in the car but in every corner of the garage.
Filling Quantity: 500 ml


Castrol Pouring jug

with lever pump and 500 ml oil capacity
This classic style oil can from Castrol is ideal for any retro car enthusiast. Manufactured from steel and finished in Castrol classic green with vintage Castrol logo this oil can features a lever pump for dispensing the oil. Ideal for oiling intricate parts. Supplied with both a flexible and a rigid spout.




Part No 503680  £15
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Part No 528077  £15.80
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