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Dear Sir or Madam, dear Customer,

as an Austin Healey driver you are used to have an almost carefree part supply.
We just had a large batch of brandnew King pin sets in, which have been unavailable for quite a while.

Please find a choice of 3 sets, to suit all purposes. We also had the correct reaming tool remanufactured.
Also just in from our Remanufacturing: A pair of 1.3/4 " inlet manifolds to get this desired 100-M spec.
They carry enough "beef" to port and polish to your special requirements
We suggest a set of brand new Carburettors unavailable for years but now stocked.

Your SC Parts Team

All prices including 20% VAT

Austin Healey King pin kit SC1133
(GSJ232, QHQP295TCF)
(OE numbers for reference purpose only)

Our King Pin Sets are forged out of best available heat treatable steel, to receive a closed fibre structure and the best possible solidity.
At wearing bearing zones the shafts will be hardened inductively and finely grinded to the the finished size.
Doing so the core keeps its high ductility and the surface receives optimal treatment against wear.

Part Number: 200363
OE-Number: SC1133
83,18 £

Part Number: 19860
SC1133 PLUS 12 OE STD Suspension bushes
100,00 £

Part Number: 493842
SC1133 PLUS 12 High Quality Polyurethane Suspension bushes
108,40 £

Reamer. To install your new King pin kit your urgently need the matching tool. Being unavailable for ages we've able to persuade one of the leading english suppliers to set up a kind of "last edition" for this complicated tool. This reamer features different diameters in a defined distance.

Part Number: 327593
569,92 £

Needle bearing

Our tiny power steering. An intelligent bearing that replaces the bronce thrust washer in the top trunnion. Makes the ride much more comfortable and girlish. A must have on classic Austin Healeys.

For all Austin Healey BN1 bis BJ8
Part Number: 479916
40,33 £

Brake caliper

When working on the front axle of your car, think of safety and replace worn parts. Calipers suffer from not being used regularly, remove rubber cover and check if the pistons are still corrosion free.

For Austin Healey BN7, BT7 and BJ7, BJ8 to 26704:
Right side, part number: 217867
115,97 £
Left side, part number: 220604
115,97 £

For Austin Healey BJ8 from 26705
Right side, part number: 488554
83,18 £
Left side, part number: 488553
83,18 £

Inlet manifold

Also just in from our Remanufacturing:
A pair of 1.3/4 " inlet manifolds to get this desired 100-M spec.
They carry enough "beef" to port and polish to your special requirements.

Part Number: 204934
358,04 £


Bigger Carburettor in adequate size for the beloved M-Kit, fits on intake manifold ID: 204934. 1 3/4 inch Diameter for better performance and better handling while accellerating. Jets in correct size fitted.

Part Number: 204932
1.252,09 £

Chassis frame

Very well made frames, made to much smaller tolerances than original. Make your project a safe ride and omit welding on parts that may be harmful to your health. Please be aware that these frames come with a pure transport coat of varnish. Please respray to your requirements.

For Austin Healey BN1, BN2
Part Number: 206117

For Austin Healey BN4, BN6, BN7, BT7
Part Number: 206096

For Austin Healey BJ8 from 26705
Part Number: 206098

3360.50 £ each

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Austin Healey

Austin Healey BN1-BJ8
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