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the ignition system may cause problems, but fortunately the problems can be solved. Find a wide range of parts in our new little flyer. To make it easier for you, the flyer will be online on our website from tomorrow on.
The easiest way to avoid any problem with the ignition system is to install a 123 ignition. That's not a distributor but a complete ignition system with
formula 1 spark balancing system.
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That's not a distributor!

This is a complete ignition-system!
• Formula 1 spark balancing
• Less emissions
• Maintenance-free
• Simple installation
• Lower fuel consumption
• Attractive "original" look
• Stronger spark at all speeds
• Easy timing: with built-in LED
• less noise & more power

123 ignition with hard coded curves

123 tune - free programmable

Do you think that a car should have a period ignition system?
We are happy to offer you classical distributors as well as modern electronical systems.

Mallory distributor dual point

strong and constant sparks
even at high revolution speed

4 cylinder - part number 314205
price £234

6 cylinder - part number 206265
price £285

Please follow this link to all the Mallory distributors

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