Newsletter 29-08-2014: Triumph 2


Now available for the Triumph Stag
Our popular constant velocity Drive Shaft conversion kit is now available for all Triumph cars with IRS (Independant Rear Suspension)
Advanced design, a modern production, high quality part.
No more bumps and clunks from those halfshafts
No greasing required

Wishing you and your car a long and happy life.
Your SC Parts Team

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Constant velocity driveshaft
TR4A IRS, TR5/250, TR6

Improved drive shaft design with maintenance free constant velocity joints.

for TR4A IRS, TR5/250, TR6
Part No. 496667

for the Triumph Stag NEW
Part No. 325183

  • Improved drive shaft design with maintenance free constant velocity joints.
  • Made with very high precision using modern high quality materials and production techniques.
  • Lighter and smoother than the original.
  • Competition tested.
  • No more "wound up" feeling as you pull away from the lights.
  • Much better handeling, especially through fast bumpy corners.
  • And last but not least, No more hard to find, expensive, tricky fitting, "doughnuts".


Ignition switch and steering lock
TR4, 4A, TR5/20, TR6

Our purchasing department have managed to find what may be the last available Ignition and steering lock switches, supplied with 2 keys.

Part No. 11354

Fitting Ignition switch:

Part No. 5443

Demister nozzle - black
TR4 - TR6

It went against all commercial sence to reproduce this part... but we did it anyway.
Now available!

Part No. 1952

Triumph Stag The Essential Buyer's Guide NEW

Now everyone can take a Stag expert with them....
Triumph Stag enthusiast Norm Mort and restoration expert Tony Fox have teamed up to give us this pocket-sized comprehensive buyers guide.
It covers the Stag's strongest and weakest points, explores the common problem areas and includes valuable advice on inspecting a car both structurally and mechanically.
Contains details of all model changes ever made including models produced for European and North American markets, production data and original road test info.
100 new colour photographs
Engine and detail photos

Part No. 491381

Triumph TR2, TR3 & TR3A in Detail

The Triumph TR sports car were simple, inexpensive, fast and fun to drive, if sometimes wayward on the limit. Here the 1950s first-generation models - TR2, TR3 and TR3A - are described in depth, including development, production, specification changes, competition history and the practical aspects of owning one today. read more...

Part No. 16708

Order your catalogue
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TR2 to TR4A - 608 pages
TR5, TR250, TR6 - 620 pages
Spitfire MK3, MK4, 1500 - 620 pages

2 pages of 1,848 Triumph pages
On the internet or as an old fashioned book, the information is identical.
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