Season's project for your Austin Healey

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear valued customers

the classic car season hasn't started yet. There is not even a touch of hope visible on the horizon, even though some single buds try to arouse false hopes.
On the other hand, this gives you two more months of time, to work on the improvement of your Austin Healey. We arranged some suggestions in our newsletter below.

All the best to you from
the SC Parts sales team

PAS for Big Healey

Top trunnion thrust washer replacement. A complete car set to reduce the friction of the top trunnion washer giving you lighter steering and more modern reliable parts.

part no. 479916

Brandnew king pin sets

Our King Pin Sets are forged out of best available heat treatable steel, to receive a closed fibre structure and the best possible solidity. At wearing bearing zones the shafts will be hardened inductively and finely grinded to the the finished size. Doing so the core keeps its high ductility and the surface receives optimal treatment against wear.


part no.


King pin kit (without bushes)



King pin kit with rubber bushes



King pin kit with polyurethane bushes



Hand reamer
lines up top and bottom bore perfectly



Stainless steel exhaust systems: 304/406 Sheffield stainless

manufactured to ours specifications. High end quality, perfect finish, tiptop welded joints, elaborately polish

BN4, BN6, BN7, BT7 und BJ7




Exhaust mounting kit, stainless steel

The kit comprises all 140 parts needed

part no. 488035


Overrider conversion "Works-Rallye"

replaces the rear bumper. Fitting kit included !

part no. 206428

Mr Big Healey

The book is not a dry description of one club race after another. It does include a list of John Chatham's principal sporting achievements, but no complete record exists of the hundreds of events which made up his competitive career, so the writer has not attempted to compile one. Instead Norman Burr, who was himself acquainted with John in his youth, has created a more rounded and personal account, full of motoring and sporting anecdotes, but also telling the story of John’s family, his work, his business, his three wives and his lovers. John has a comprehensive photo library from which the book is generously illustrated, with cartoons added to illustrate some of the moments that a camera was not around to record. Thoroughly politically incorrect even by the standards of the 1960s, it’s an account which will strike a chord not only with admirers of Big Healeys, but also with anyone who believes that independent thinking, and the courage to apply and enjoy it, is the greatest virtue of all.

Written by Norman Burr, forword by Simon Taylor, 160 pages with 150 most coloured illustrations, size: 25 x 21 cm, hardcover

part no. 492469