The winter project for your Mini !


Ladies and Gentlemen,

dear Minidriver!

classic car season hasn't yet begun as you already noticed. On one hand this means you to wait a few more weeks before you could bring your Mini back to its natural habitat. But on the other hand these few more weeks allow you add some improvements to your car. And as it happens, we have some well priced ideas.

All the best from the SC-Parts sales team

Inner wings - suitable against stone chips

Up to now you probably change front fenders once in a while. This is a possible way to cope with rusty fenders, but there is a much easier one. These inner wings prevent the wheelhouse free of stone chips and following corrosion on A-pillar and lamp housing. Easy to mount.


part no. 326938

Retrostyled bumper horns

With the original bumpers just a few inches above the ground, the lower body panels are natural born victims on the parking lot. Improve your car by adding these beautifully crafted horns to your bumpers.

Complete kit with all needed materials.


part no. 305045

Bumpers front or rear - stainless steel or chrome

front or rear, well made from selected materials.
Chrome: part no. 202402
Stainless Steel: part no. 315184


Sporty seat

Your car's underpinnings allow enormous speeds in corners. The seating does not. There is a way to improve seating by adding our 'Cobra Clubman' type sport seat with raised shoulders and access for full race harnesses. Weight: 8 kg, available in black nylon



part no. 320080

Repair kit front brake 12"

You already know the article. But it is still in this newsletter for some really good reasons:

  1. The picture is very nice.
  2. The pricing is too.
  3. If you are honest, your brakes are overdue.


part no. 468208

Penrite 20W-50 engine oil for Mini

This is a very good engine oil, especially designed, mildly blended and smooth in taste. It has a special EP (extreme pressure) additive to cope with the pressures the oil is exposed to, when sharing home with the gearbox.

For Mini, 1100, 1300, Maxi, etc.



part no. 500168

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