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Drive shaft TR4A IRS, TR5/250, TR6

complete with wheel hub - improved with constant velocity joints and ball bearing sliding shafts
eliminates 3 problems in 1 go: drive shaft, hub and universal joint can cope with 300bhp

£ 529.41

part no. 496667

We stock these!
Austin Healey "King Pin Sets"

Our King Pin Sets are forged out of best available heat treatable steel, to receive a closed fibre structure and the best possible solidity. At wearing bearing zones the shafts will be hardened inductively and finely grinded to the the finished size. Doing so the core keeps its high ductility and the surface receives optimal treatment against wear.

without bushes

£ 83

part no. 200363

with rubber bushes

£ 100

part no. 19860

with polyurethane bushes

£ 109

part no. 493842

To install your new kingpin kit you should use the correct tool, available again to buy from us its worth investing in the tool and letting your friends lend it, its the corect friction diameter in a precisely defined and appropriate distance.

£ 570

part no. 327593

Almost a power steering

We recomend you to fit when changing king pins ...
This amazing little invention replaces the bronze thrust washers in the top trunnions to reduce friction and give an almost power steering feel to your car without any major alterations to your vehicle. Makes the heavy manoeuvring of your classic a thing of the past.
Very high quality and not to be compared with cheaper alternatives available on the market.

£ 41

part no. 479916

Crown wheel and pinion for all the classic Jaguars with IRS axle

Made from high grade chromium molybdenum steel, swiss Oerlikon cogging, supplied in matching sets, fastidious final examination. Available in the two demanded ratios:


£ 1,250

part no. 216709


£ 1,250

part no. 355230

Bonnet for MGB

perfect reproduction, 3 different types

steel, louvered

£ 243

part no. 492868


£ 125

part no. 214105


£ 790

part no. 325493

Bumpers for Mini, front or rear

perfect reproduction, 2 different types


£ 25

part no. 202402

stainless steel

£ 33

part no. 315184

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