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Now you are into the spring schedule and preparing for an oil change. You know that after the winter lay-off the engine runs a bit heavier. Engine oil can age quickly (keyword: condensation). Please look at the following additives urgently: designed partly for classics, but also recommended in some cases for modern engines. Order by clicking on the article or if you need more information about a particular engine, please call our sales specialists. In the next newsletter we will let you know about motor oils, both for modern cars as well as classics.

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Valve Shield
Fuel additive for use with unleaded fuel

This Gasoline additive is the intelligent successor of lead substitutes. It contains a mix of proven and reliable additives to minimize valve seat damage to vehicles that were designed originally for use with leaded fuel. A special dosing applicator helps you in measuring the very small quantities needed.

part no. 504800

£‍ ‍8.32

250 ml (100 ml  ‍£‍ ‍3,33 )

Octane Booster

Additive to RON91 by up to 2.5 ron "spice up"
The "Octane Booster" is a fuel additive that cleans valves and intake systems and keeps them clean. In addition, it improves the octane rating of the fuel, thus preventing the dreaded ringing through to early ignition of the mixture.
• Suitable for classic and current motors. Recommended for performance motors
Cleans injectors and valves, thereby increasing power and acceleration of the vehicle and improving the environmental behaviour
Prevents engine ringing due to low octane fuel
suitable for catalysts or oxygen sensors
Easier engine starting and smoother idling
• Also suitable for unleaded fuel, E10 and ethanol-based fuels

part no. 504798

£‍ ‍11.68

375 ml (litre  ‍£‍ ‍31.15 )

Motor sealant

The Penrite Engine sealant stops leaks in the engine. The special formula controls engine oil leaks at seals, oil seals and rear bearing by sealing the casing. The product is a kind of temporary seal and prevents the loss of lubricant thus preventing consequent engine damage.

part no. 504793

£‍ ‍10.00

375 ml (litre  ‍£‍ ‍26.67 )

Engine Cleaner

A fast-reacting, solvent-free active ingredient formula.
The liquid is added to the engine oil before oil change. Deposits, residues and sludges are dissolved and washed with the engine oil from the machine. At the same time it contains the flushing zinc compounds that protect the engine against wear.

part no. 504792

£‍ ‍10.00

375 ml (litre  ‍£‍ ‍26.67 )

"Diesel Injector Cleaner"
Cleaning additive for diesel injection

In time, the injectors to your classic or on your everyday diesel need to be changed, but the good news is the "Penrite Injector Cleaner". Supplied to the diesel fuel, the product has two primary benefits:
• Cleans and protects the injectors with regular use
• Improves combustion quality and thus their efficiency

part no. 504801

£‍ ‍10.84

375 ml (litre  ‍£‍ ‍28.91 )

Petrol Injector Cleaner

This additive cleans the components of the fuel supply and the fuel injectors of the vehicle. At the same time the effectiveness of the combustion process is increased by the cleaned injectors.
For single use only.

part no. 504797

£‍ ‍10.84

375 ml (litre  ‍£‍ ‍28.91 )

Additional lubricant
for cylinder heads and LPG vehicles.

„Top oil“ as an additional lubricant for cylinder heads and LPG vehicles. Of course it is not a classic top oil as it was mixed with the fuel for side-controlled vehicles. The lubricating additive contains a very low viscous oil which protects the valve seats and keeps the injectors clean. This "top oil" combines the good properties of the original with the technical possibilities of today's chemistry.
For all petrol and vehicles with LPG systems.

part no. 504799

£‍ ‍11.68

1 litre


more oils and lubricants we think you may find useful for your classic


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