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As sure as the Land Rover Series models already are cherished classics, the Defender models will be soon.

We celebrate the interest in all English cars from a personal and professional perspective. That is why the catalog team has made a lot of effort to create a Defender catalog to the same extent and quality as our Land Rover Series catalog. We know that with our new Defender catalog, we are able to accompany upcoming restorations from the part's side. As you might already know: 94.1% of all orders will be dispatched the same day.

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Land Rover Defender catalogue - now online!

All parts for the Land Rover Defender models built from 1983 till 2006. Complete catalogue available online. 1.100 pages in printed version! Meticulously researched, drawn with all parts and assemblies in scale proportion and position. Not only as a parts catalog, but also to be used as a shop manual.

Better to drive: Polyurethane bush kit

Complete car kit for Land Rover Defender Td5 from VIN...2A622424 (2002-06).
Polyurethane bushes and mountings give improved suspension support with a greater wear resistance compared to their rubber equivalents. They are naturally self-lubricating. A worthwhile addition to any car, the polyethylene bushes are supplied individually, with a steel sleeve where necessary.

part no. 483029 £116.80

Useful and stylish: Canvas spare wheel cover

For 750 and 235 x R16 tyres, made from canvas material, useable on Land Rover Series I, II, IIA and III (1948-85) and 90, 110 and Defender (1983-2007).
This spare wheel cover is made from hard wearing canvas and can be used on spare wheels that are mounted on the bonnet, the rear door or even the bulkhead. The cover fits tightly, looks good and protects the tire from UV rays, dirt and corrosion. It comes with small nickel eyelets in the front to allow airflow when mounting. The border is edged with a vinyl beading. The hood is held in position with a strong elastic cord.

part no. 524851 (sand) £74.80

part no. 524848 (khaki) £74.80

Safer to drive: Koni shocks "heavy track"

Front shocks, heavy track type for Land Rover 90, 110 and Defender (1983-2012). And all Range Rover Classic except models with electronic air suspension(1970-96).

Koni's are adjustable, which means that you can influence the behaviour of the car to meet your preferences. It also means that wear can be compensated (however, you will probably never need it). Last but not least; Koni's are built to last a lifetime.

part no. 482994 (front axle) £142.00

part no. 482997 (rear axle) £133.00

Make it even more offroadable: Limited slip differential

Rear axle, works fully automatic 'Detroit Locker' type to suit Rover 24 spline differentials in Land Rover Series II, IA and III (1958-85), all 90, 110" and Defender (1983-2007), as well as Discovery I (1989-98) and Range Rover Classic (1970-95).

The Detroit Locker is a fully automatic locking traction differential that is well known for premium performance and dependable operation. Preload devices between the side gears deliver 100% torque and power to both drive wheels yet unlock automatically to permit necessary wheel speed differentiation.

part no. 365693 £748.00

Safer to brake: Brake hoses

Stainless steel braided hoses, set with 4 lines for Land Rover Defender 90 and 110 (1999-2004.
These braided steel hoses have been developed and manufactured for high profile applications like Formula 1, the Thrust 2 (world land speed record holder), and literally every major Rally team. These replacement brake hoses and fittings outperform the original equipment by far. They are mechnically stronger and provide higher pressure at the caliper.

part no. 365531 (standard / short) £74.80

part no. 500096 (2" longer) £83.20

Out of the shelf: Range Rover tailgates

Upper section of the tailgate. Aluminium frame with tinted glass for Range Rover Classic (1970-96). When corroded, the windows are leaking and water drops into the boot . Avoid expensiveconsequential damages by checking the tailgate regularly.

part no. 349203 (without hinges) £420.00

part no. 457584 (cars without central locking, after '89) £747.00

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