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Everyone is aware of the recent changes in the currency markets, largely as a result of the crisis situation in Greece. As a result of our ability to buy in bulk, we are in a position to either pass on any benefits or mitigate the adverse effects for our valued customers.
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Oil sump for Austin Healey

Everyone ends up denting the sheet metal oil pan. If its just a dent OK but if it is split then you have a problem. Our new aluminium oil sumps give better cooling and stiffen the engine block. They have enough metal to withstand a few knocks. Perfectly CNC-machined with additional hole for temperature sensor.

part no. 215131 £199


Wood dashboard for Triumph

burr walnut

part no. 304050  £168


Water pump for Jaguar

new item less pulley

part no. 1492 £294


Drive shaft for Triumph

Improved drive shaft design with maintenance free constant velocity joints.

  • Improved drive shaft design with maintenance free constant velocity joints.
  • Made with very high precision using modern high quality materials and production techniques.
  • Lighter and smoother than the original.
  • Competition tested.
  • No more "wound up" feeling as you pull away from the lights.
  • Much better handeling, especially through fast bumpy corners.
  • And last but not least, No more hard to find, expensive, tricky fitting, "doughnuts".

Triumph TR4A IRS, TR5/250, TR6
part no. 496667
 £530 each

Triumph Stag
part no. 325183
 £590 each


MG radiator MGB and MGB GT

new item with standard copper cord, characteristic: separate expanison tank.

part no. 4458 £122


Private lock set for Mini

chromed. Contains door lock set, boot lock and matched pair of keys.

part no. 308805 £32


Tailgate for Range Rover Classic

upper section - aluminium frame, tinted glass included.

part no. 349203 £420


123 Ignition system

Now a universal kit for all 4, 6, and 8-cylinder engines is available.
Our famous 123 ignition-injection has code settings so that it is finally available for almost all vehicle brands.

Two versions available:
16 preset curves or
TUNE fully programmable

Can't find the right one for your car?
Call Neil:  0044 1293 847202
or Monty:   0044 1293 847209


Suspension, Steering and Driveline Manual

Covers common US suspension, steering and driveline systems. Including overhauls of differentials and drive axles. Covers front wheel drive and rear wheel drive vehicles, maintenance, repair and replacement of all major components, performance modifications, complete front-end rebuild, shock absorber and strut replacement, driveaxle and boot replacement, complete wheel alignment specifications, tools and equipment, glossary of terms, and how to improve your vehicle's ride and handling. Everything you need to know to successfully maintain and repair your suspension, steering and driveline systems.

part no. 504330 £23,29


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