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springtime arises. And even though your car's engine should have proper temperature, it better not get too warm. We know that quite a few classic cars tend to overheat and we have a proposal, what to do: Support your cooling system with an electrical fan, thermostat-controlled, if possible. These fans substitute airstream as long as you queue.

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SC Parts' own-Reversible fan with high performance vanes.
Inducted or forced fan: Adopts to your needs simply by changing polarity.

The specially shaped fan blades combine high flow and quiet running. Available in 12V and 6V versions.

12 Volt

(6 different models in stock)
From diameter 210 mm, 80 watt up to diameter 406mm, 220 watt
£‍ ‍58 each

6 Volt

(5 different models in stock)
From diameter 178 mm, 120 watt up to diameter 376 mm, 160 watt
£‍ ‍58 each

Fastening your SC Parts Reversible fan
Fitting kits and mounting parts


Thermostatic switch

The adjustable control switch is packed within an aluminium tube which will be put into the radiator hose.

negative earth
radiator hoses* part no. price
25mm 336472  ‍£‍ ‍68
28mm 329645  ‍£‍ ‍78
32mm 336473  ‍£‍ ‍88
35mm 336474  ‍£‍ ‍98
38mm 325029  ‍£‍ ‍98
45mm 336475  ‍£‍ ‍98
positive earth
radiator hoses* part no. price
25mm 508362  ‍£‍ ‍142
28mm 508363  ‍£‍ ‍150
32mm 508364  ‍£‍ ‍155
35mm 508365  ‍£‍ ‍158
38mm 508366  ‍£‍ ‍163
45mm 508367  ‍£‍ ‍167

*id (internal diameter)

Not sure which fits your car? Please call our two specialists

Neil 0044 1293 847202  •  Monty 0044 1293 847209

Kenlowe-Electric fans

Due to the patented shaped fan blades Kenlowe fans run almost without a sound. This very nice feature, combined with their extreme reliability make the fans a valuable supplement to your cooling system. The fans need 12 Volts, but there is at least one 6V model available. The list of vehicles shown here are the only vehicles that suit these fans, it is just the ones we are experienced with. If in doubt, please call our sales team.

Austin Healey

Jaguar und Daimler



Range Rover

Sprite / Midget


more classic cars


thermostatic switches, fittings, spare motor


Water Wetter

  • Reduces or eliminates bubbles or vapor barrier that form on hot metal surfaces to reduce coolant temperatures by up to 20°
  • Superior heat transfer properties compared to glycol-based antifreeze
  • Compatible with new or used antifreeze (including DEX-COOLTM and long-life versions) to improve the heat transfer of ethylene and propylene glycol systems
  • Improves heat transfer and reduces cylinder head temperature
  • Unique agent for cooling systems that doubles the wetting ability of water

part no. 303509 ‍£‍ ‍12.60


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