Composite cylinder head gaskets

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changing the cylinder head gasket is a challenging task. It is easier with a perfect gasket. Our suggestion is a modern composite gasket.

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Our composite gasket, developed in cooperation with the technological market leader in Germany, is a sandwich cylinder head gasket. Built on a solid carrier plate with rolled granules, this seal is completely non-stick coated with silicone. The combustion chamber bezels are made of stainless steel.

  • extremely adaptable
  • more temperature-resistant
  • more compression-resistant
  • safer than conventional steel gaskets of conventional cylinder head gaskets.

These gaskets compensate unevenness in the engine block and cylinder head. Together with the stainless steel combustion chamber bezels, this makes it excellently suited for historical motorsport. Our multi-layer composite cylinder head gaskets also suits performance-enhanced engines with decisive advantages: The stainless steel cylinder head gaskets are thicker than the gasket. Between 0.15 (for cylinder head gaskets less than 1 mm) and 0.25 mm (for cylinder head gaskets more than 1 mm thick). They are compressed to the exact dimension during assembly. This guarantees that your classic car won't be leaking. The seals have a bore that is at least 0.5 mm larger than the motor blocks, and larger dimensions are also available for various models. This offers various tuning possibilities by expanding the displacement and using forged pistons.

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For Austin Healey, Aston Martin Jaguar, Land Rover, MG, Mini, Morgan, Range Rover, Rover, Trumph and TVR.

e.g. Cylinder head gasket Aston Martin

e.g. Cylinder head gasket Aston Martin

Modern composite gasket for engines with a bore of 101,5 mm + 0,5 mm, uncompressed thickness: 1,5 mm, Build in: 1,45 mm. For Aston Martin DB4 (1958-63), DB5 (1963-65), DB6 (1965-70), DBS 6-cylinder models (1967-72).

or: cylinder head gasket Triumph four cylinder engines

Head gasket completed in composite. Bore: 86,00 mm + 0,50 mm, Thickness before: 1,52 mm, afterwards: 1,45 mm. For Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR3B, TR4 und TR4A (1953-67) and Morgan Plus 4 (1953-69)

or: cylinder head gasket Triumph four cylinder engines

Elora torque wrench

Elora torque wrench

Professional quality, made in Germany by leading tool manufacturer "Elora". Comes with test certificate, 1/2" drive, adjustable from 25 to 200 Nm , length: 438 mm.

  • for controlled screw tightening
  • units Nm with vernier, as well as ft-lb
  • with secure locking mechanism
  • locks and checks clockwise
  • with robust, matt steel tube
  • with reversible ratchet and
  • with noticeable'' click'' signal

Special price until 30th of october 2017

Cooling system test

Combustion gas which enters the cooling system through a leak will accumulate in the air cushion above the radiator water level. If this air is analyzed with the cooling system test, the blue fluid will indicate the presence of CO2 gas by changing the colour to yellow.

Cooling system test

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