120 mph: The Jaguar XK 120 in Jabbeke

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It was a good tradition to name new models after their accessible top speed: Rover 75, Brough SS80, Austin Healey 100. And then there came Jaguar, the former sidecar maker, built a dropdead beautiful body around their powerful new engine and called it the XK 120. The worlds fastest production car.

There was no motorway in England at this time, but there was in Belgium. So they brought a standard car to the A10 motorway, which had a long straight a few miles outside Oostende. Near Jabbeke the XK 120 reached the incredible top speed of 132 mph. 132!! Even the Dragon Rapide did only 125.

Since then, the XK 120 models are something special. And we'll help you to keep it this way: Today with some ideas concerning brakes and axles.

Best regards from the SC Parts sales team

Disc brake conversion kit (cars with wire wheels)

Brake surface is almost twice the size of the original. Complete kit to suit all cars with wire wheel adapters. Comes with discs, pads, calipers and mounting material.

part no. 317141 1428.00 £

Disk brake conversion kit (cars with disk wheels only)

Now available for cars using the original disc wheels. Complete kit with all parts needed: Discs, brand new calipers, hubs, washers and all mounting materials needed for fitting.

1862.00 £

Wheel cylinder

When in good condition, the original brake system performs well. Improved wheel cylinders for later models of XK120 and XK 140 with self-adjusting brakes.

part no. 201420 155.00 £

Anti roll bar kit - front axle

Uprated version with 7/8" diameter and all necessary fittings. This is a direct replacement for the original bars on all Jaguar XK120, XK140 and XK150 (1949-61)

part no. 348953 359.00 £

Polyurethane bush kit

Complete set for front suspension. 26 piece comfort kit for a superb ride quality with shore 65 hardness level. For all early XK 120 Chassis up to 661004.

part no. 489685 200.00 £

Multiple leaf springs XK 120

Well made reproduction of the original leaf spring. Bushes are included.

Nr. 17010 167.00

Reinforced variant with 7 leafs for XK 120 und 140. Progressive suspension rate, bushes are included.

Nr. 519452 342.00

Leather gaitor kit for rear leaf springs

Matching leather gaitors. Cover the rear leaf springs and reduce corrosion and noises. Increase life span of the leafs, greaseable. Set for two leaf springs.

315.00 £

Torsion bar set

Torsion bars on the front axle. Improved version with 1.057" outer diameter. Supplied in pairs for XK 120, 140, 150 on stock.

part no. 356230 819.00 £

Rare SU Carburettors - H8 type

H8 type - new items. Reference no. AUC702, for Jaguar XK120 and XK140 with C-Type cylinder head (1948-57).

Quality handcrafted, cast in a sand bed, custom built as "special equipment".

part no. 220318 1648.00 £

Air filter

For SU-H8 carburettors - supplied in pairs. Air filter identical to original. Deep black, gloss finish, fine dense "mesh"; maintains a much larger, streamlined airflow compared to a paper filter and the filter performance is the same!

part no. 204341 111.00 £

Troublefree cold start

Reliable electronic switch for electrical control of the solenoid coil of the starter carburator. The original switch works with a bimetal and switches off at about 27-30 ° C water temperature. Our modern electronic switch opens reliably and precisely at 32 °. It replaces the original switch for all vehicles with HD 6 and HD8 carburettors with thermo controlled start carburator.

66.00 £

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