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Hoods for Jaguar

Hoods for Jaguar

Hoods: all colours, all models: For over 30 years our trimmer has been producing only hoods,
Hood covers and spraycovers for British roadsters.
By bulk purchase we can offer you these authentic and lovingly, precisely fitting and from the best materials available manufactured canopies at sensational prices.

The canopies for Jaguar are only available in the best quality mohair material. The three-layer material from a modern production has a textile surface with a very pleasant feel.

All hoods for Jaguar E-Type Series I-II

All hoods for Jaguar E-Type Series III

Hoods for Austin Healey

Hoods for Austin Healey

Perfectly processed and available in different colours and materials.

Standard Vinyl:
This soft top material corresponds to the original in appearance and structure.
Double Duck:
Twin layer cotton special mesh.
Mohair canopies are made of a three-layer material with integrated rubber layer. The manufacturer guarantees light fastness.

BN1-BN2 hood and tonneau

BN4-BT7 hood and tonneau

BJ7-BJ8 hood

BJ7-BJ8 tonneau and hood cover

AH Sprite

Soft-tops for MG

For the different MG models we again offer convertible tops in all colours and material qualities. Our Limora soft tops always have the rear window in the zipper, so that the window can be changed without removing the soft top. This doubles the life of the top.

MGB all years

MGA all years

MG Midget MKII-1500

MGF from 1997

Soft-tops for MG

Hoods for Triumph

Hoods for Triumph

Usually, not the hoods themselves die, but the windows go blind and break. Then the patina status is exceeded and a replacement is due - and the SC parts team is there to help..

TR2 early hood, tonneau and hood cover

TR2 late and TR3/A/B hood, tonneau and hood cover

TR4 hood and tonneau

TR4A hood, tonneau and hood cover

TR5/250 und TR6 hood

Triumph Spitfire hood

Triumph Stag

Hood Cleaner

For gentle cleaning of dirt and stains on convertible tops. Suitable for light and dark convertible tops and materials. Proven product 500ml, which does not attack the soft top skin but still provides a good cleaning performance.

Hood Cleaner

Hood finisher

Hood finisher

For the impregnation of thoroughly cleaned textile convertible tops. Protects against weather and environmental influences as well as UV radiation. Water and dirt repellent. The content of 250ml is sufficient for several applications.

Glass polish for rear plastic screens

A deep polish against matt plastic windows. A1 Rear window polish removes scratches and blind spots from the plastic rear window of convertibles. It seals the polished rear window with integrated wax components, making it water-repellent. It is solvent-free and economical to use. A1 Rear window polish with 100ml creates a high-quality appearance with effortless processing.

Glass polish for rear plastic screens

Already too warm for your car?

Already too warm for your car?

We have matching suggestions for your thermal problem. Try our reliable and well engineered electric fans:

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Check our 6 volt fans here.

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