The Prussian Heel Click of the Spitfire

To all Spitfire MK1 MK3 owners

Every owner gets fed up with the problem of the Spitfire rear axle! How many have been caught taking a fast bend releasing the accelerator pedal and ending up in the ditch. There is a reason. You don't need to be a military enthusiast to recognise the Prussian Heel Click
The problem can be briefly described as follows:

The lack of length compensation to the axle produces an extremely positive camber when cornering. With a change of direction in fast cornering, it may even be an over-reaction of the whole vehicle.

The solution came from the factory with the Spitfire MK4 and from SC Parts for the MK1 - MK3. With the "floating" leaf spring in our conversion kit, the camber does not experience as extreme a change when it comes to a fast bend, thus the strong oversteer is prevented. As well as the safety aspect while driving but also for the pleasure of being able to take fast corners we would recommend early Spitfire drivers to convert to the later "Swing Spring" axle. We also recommend the Front Stabiliser to compensate - also available from us.

Best regards
Your SC Parts Team

Combine safety with fun: the conversion kit.

Swing spring:  part no. 493027  ‍£‍ ‍163.86

Provides much safer and more pleasurable driving :

The Stabi Antiroll bar kit complete with polyurethane bushings and reinforced brackets: produces considerably better driving habits. No changes are required on the chassis. The original Stabilizer arms continue to be used.

part no. 448341 ‍£‍ ‍124.37

...also shock absorbers

When we discuss suspension, driving pleasure and safety: you know good dampers are essential. Specially tuned for your classic Koni or GAZ, are adjustable without dismantling.

Koni  part no. 4928 ‍£‍ ‍108.40 

GAZ  part no. 342055 ‍£‍ ‍100 

Life punishes the latecomers.

We have just received a small series of aluminum fuel tanks for Spitfire Mk3, Mk4 1500 range.
We don't need to say much about the benefits of aluminum.Does not rust and is lighter than steel. The production of our tanks is naturally top quality.

part no. 336608 ‍£‍ ‍216.82

Something very special

Fibreglass bonnet (also suitable for Spitfire MK4 and 1500) with scoop for GT6 MK3.

Not for universal vehicles but for the very special cars of very special drivers. The Installation is not a matter for hobbyists but only for experienced specialists, the bonnet is not exactly cheap.
If you would like advice, please call our Spiti specialist +44 (12 93) 84 72 00

part no. 3123 ‍£‍ ‍495.80


SC Parts Triumph Spitfire catalogue

fully illustrated • self-explanatory drawings • fastidious edited • easy to use for all your needs • available online • order now f.o.c.

part no. 365084 f.o.c.

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