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Brake lines are usually mounted with straight runs but they are supplied in a coil for more efficient shipping. Long straight runs would be awkward to ship. But of course we have found the solution: a smart device which makes curved or bent brake pipes straight.
The operation is simple: Insert the end of the tube (you may need to straighten the end manually) into the device then pull the tool along the pipe and the embedded rollers straighten accurately and without the risk of kinks or stretching.

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Insert the end

of the tube into the device then pull the tool along the pipe. Ready.

part no.


for 3/16"


for 1/4"


for 5/16"


£57.98 each


Or in the opposite manner

to create smooth bends without the risks associated with using pliers or a vice.
We offer different solutions; just a click on the part no. to show the complete description.

preferred for

part no.

occasional use


small bends can be created in limited workspace


the tool is compact so it can be used to work on the vehicle


the device can be fitted into your vice for convenience of use


The picture shows
part no. 202281


We have many more tools and materials

to work on the cars hydraulic systems. I am sure you will agree that in this area you need to look for safety and quality rather than cheap solutions. Your life depends on a reliable brake system.

part no.


Deburring tool 3/16"


Deburring tool 1/8"-15/32"


Pipe cutter 3 to 30 mm


Pipe cutter 3 bis 16 mm


Flaring tool 3/16 to 5/8"


Flaring tool 3/16 to 5/16"


Flaring tool, professional use


Picture shows part no. 489143

We also supply brake lines by the meter or as pre-manufactured sets, brake fluid of all kinds, all coupling nuts, bleed nipples, special pipe wrench, bleeding tools and on top of that expert advice, if you need it.

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