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We are not out to alarm you but because the subject of theft is so important, you will welcome our information and advice. Across all brands, we have several products that can help to avoid thefts. Statistics show that classic cars are not usually stolen from the domestic workshop or garage, but often at events in unguarded moments. It turns out that even little things reduce the likelihood of theft. If the thief fears follow on expense, detection or other difficulties, he will move on.

Protection for your car is inexpensive - sort something out.

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The "Focus" magazine recommends for the classic cars ...

front-page article: "To really protect yourself from car thieves". This battery switch is one of the most effective products recommended in the world of classic cars.

Inexpensive, easy to assemble. If you remove the thumbscrew then your car is rendered immobile. Important though: don't leave the thumbscrew as well as the ignition key on the picnic table, the jacket in the cloakroom or the backpack on the pool deck.

Comes with bypass fuse for the radio so that the code is not lost.

part no. 318072 ‍£‍ ‍12.60


Anti-theft device between steering wheel and dashboard

This anti-theft device blocks the movement of the steering wheel towards the top of the dashboard. The claw is attached to the rim of the steering wheel, the lock lever is locked to the instrument panel back and prevents rotation of the steering wheel. Comes with two keys. Very inexpensive - very effective.

part no. 492527 ‍£‍ ‍19.33


Anti-theft device for smaller vehicles

This anti-theft device relies on shock and deterrence by the bright red colour and mechanical resistance. The claw is secured by pulling the hardened telescopic rod on the steering wheel. The long bracket then prevents the rotation of the steering wheel. Our recommendation for the car park, street parking etc. The striking visible signal is part of its effectiveness.

Comes with two keys.

part no. 492528 ‍£‍ ‍15.97


Protection using the brake pedal

This claw made of hardened steel locks the steering wheel to the brake pedal. This steering and brakes are blocked. The length of the rod can be adjusted from 48-74 cm. Supplied with two keys. This type of theft prevention is our recommendation on show events. You cannot see them directly, but they give strong protection.

part no. 495168 ‍£‍ ‍15.97


Additional ignition switch - Battery master switch

You know the specifics of your car best. Add a special feature an additional battery switch. Hidden in the engine compartment, secure inexpensive and effectively cuts off the entire electrical system to prevent unauthorized use.
The standard version of the key switch may only be operated with the engine stopped, the motorsport version complies with the FIA regulations in historic racing and also serves as a kill switch. If the keys are lost, you can reorder individually with us.

part no. 289327 ‍£‍ ‍16.39


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