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smoother running engines usually have a reason to do so: Smooth running and superior power come combined with Weber carburettors. If you are looking for a simple and effective bolt-on performance part, you won´t get better than these. Weber carburettors provide more power, more torque, better response and a beautiful sound.

Nowadays genuine Weber carburettors are being cast in Spain. They are supplied with the WEBER logo and are stamped "Made in Spain". A good choice.

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45 DCOE type

Complete kit comprising three carburettors, inlet manifold and linkages

Jaguar E-Type Series 1 and 2 (1961-70) • XK150 and XK150S with 3.8 engine and straight port cylinder head • XJ6 Series I and II carburettor models (1968-75) • Mark II 340 (1967-69)

part no. 256087 ‍£‍ ‍1,980


45 DCOE type

Complete kit comprising three carburettors, inlet manifold and linkages

Austin Healey BN4 from 68960, BN6 to BJ8

part no. 252661 ‍£‍ ‍1,980


40 DCOE type

Complete kit comprising three carburettors, inlet manifolds and linkages

Triumph TR6 Carburettor models from CC75001 (from 1972). Fits as well to all TR5 and TR6 P.I. Identity by 23 mm space between centre inlet ports

part no. 314829 ‍£‍ ‍1,980


40 DCOE type

Complete kit comprising three carburettors, inlet manifold and linkages

MG MGC (1967-69)

part no. 488112 ‍£‍ ‍1,880


45 DCOE type

Complete kit comprising 3.75" deep inlet manifold and linkage


part no. 343597 ‍£‍ ‍550


341CH type

These carburettors are a direct replacement to original Zenith 361V carbs. Solex carburettors require additional adaptor piece 364292. Featuring a genuine Spanish Weber carburettor, the kits are designed to fit the original manifold and air filters.

Land Rover Series IIA and III (1961-85): all 4 cylinder petrol without brake servo

part no. 312818 ‍£‍ ‍170


Carburettor balancer

SK type. Air flow range from 1 to 30 kg/h
SK and BK carburettor balancers are especially suitable for constant draft carburettors such as Zenith Stromberg and SU. They will not choke the air intake and will not be affect the mixture strength, even at high idle.

part no. 488676 ‍£‍ ‍41


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Webers do even better when fitted together with our 123 ignition.

A fully programmable electronic ignition system in the distributors housing. Click on the picture or link to see the complete range for British and continetal cars. If you don't find your car there, please note: Our engineers can adopt the 123 ignition to almost any car. (Latest models, we adopted plug and play ignitions for: Fiat 850 Sport Spider and Chrysler Windsor)
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