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Let us surprise you with two plain statements:

1. A car battery should last for the life of the car.
2. 90% of all 'dead' batteries can be revitalized.

You probably don't believe these statements?
Nor did we. So we did the tests and here are some of the results.

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Your SC Parts Team

First example - a 100 AH battery from a Mercedes R129

The original Mercedes battery is probably more than 6 years old, the car is an import from Japan, and it had been standing around unused on various dealers yards.
Not surprisingly the efforts to charge this battery with a range of common battery chargers were completely unsuccessful. Apart from the remaining voltage of 12.6 volts all test parameters of the Bosch tester were negative.

We used a really ancient standard battery charger (built in 1970, 2A) attached along with the Megapulse. The Megapulse needs a minimum voltage of 12.6 volts (+/- 0.2V).

Amazingly after 14 days of charging, the Bosch tester shows all relevant parameters
in green! A further check with a different battery tester (Part No. 292157) produced the same result: The battery is now back to a perfect, fully working order, and fully rechargeable.
If we hadn't experienced it ourselves, we would not have believed it.

So here is our very special and personal offer:

Because this little device is friendly to both, the wallet and the environment (only 20 kWh of energy during the heating of the battery core plus disposal of the sulphuric acid), it combines sustainability with economy.

If you add the ignition electrode tool to your order it will be free of charge.


Part No. 503571

  Part No. 319923

£ 69.60

  £ 0,- (worth £ 6.64)

Video on how it works


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