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no matter how experienced you are, knowledge always has its limits. So it is very helpful to know where to look it up. The internet helps, but an own library as a source of wisdom in technical topics still pays off.

This is why our book department collected some of our clients questions and demands and made a newsletter out of it. Decent literature, suitable to make you an expert in the field of technology and repair, just by looking it up.

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Practical electrical systems

The definitive DIY manual on car electrics, with an absolute minimum of theory and the maximum of diagnostic and repair information. Includes how to read wiring diagrams, how to use test equipment, fault finding, engine starting and charging systems, alternator and starter overhaul, lighting systems, auxiliary gauges and towbar wiring.

part no. 501040 ‍£‍ ‍25.00


Scientific design of exhaust and intake systems

For years, engineers, engine designers, high-performance tuners and racers have depended on the Scientific Design of Exhaust and Intake Systems to develop maximum potential from their engines.Dr. John C. Morrison is one of the foremost authorities on the analysis of the induction and exhaust processes of high-speed engines. Together with Philip Smith, he gives a thorough explanation of the physics that govern the behavior of gases as they pass through an engine, and the theories and practical research methods used in designing more efficient induction manifolds and exhaust systems, for both competition and street use.

part no. 504275 ‍£‍ ‍43.00


First aid for your car

If you drive a car then this is the book for you. Avoid serious repair bills by learning what to do when something goes wrong. Our cars are essential to us, and we rely on them for so much that it's hard to imagine being without them.
This book covers the most common problems that can occur on modern cars. It's easy to follow, written in plain English, and is full of detailed photographs. Probably the most invaluable item you can keep in your car, and you only need basic mechanical skills to get the full benefit of this book.

part no. 504276 ‍£‍ ‍15.00


Haynes Automotive Electrical Manual

A practical approach to diagnosing and repairing problems related to the chassis electrical system with a minimum of electrical theory and a maximum of diagnostic and repair information. You don't have to be an electrician to use this book and you don't have to spend a fortune on special tools and test equipment. Covers basic electrical fundamentals, troubleshooting and repair for both domestic and foreign vehicles, all common repairs - from simple splices to component overhaul. Includes how to read wiring diagrams, how to use test equipment, troubleshooting, engine starting and charging systems, alternator and starter overhaul, lighting systems - including auxiliary lights, gauges and indicator lights, accessories, and trailer wiring.

part no. 504267 ‍£‍ ‍25.00


Haynes Fuel Injection Manual

With a Haynes Techbook, you can do it yourself…from simple maintenance to basic repairs. Haynes writes every book based on a complete teardown of the vehicle. We learn the best ways to do a job and that makes it quicker, easier and cheaper for you. Our books have clear instructions and hundreds of photographs that show each step. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can save big with Haynes!

part no. 504316 ‍£‍ ‍25.00


The Haynes manual on brakes

maintenance and repair. 192 pages with many colourd illustrations, size: 270 x 210 mm, binding: hardcover, language: English

part no. 504318 ‍£‍ ‍28.00


Haynes Motorcycle Fuel Systems

This book combines the subjects of carburation and fuel injection. The reader is taken from the basic operation of the carburettor and fuelling theory to the most sophisticated electronically controlled fuel injection in use today. The text covers the common carburettor and injection system types (including older designs), plus their supporting components such as air filters, fuel pumps and sensors. Practical advice covers overhaul, set up and the use of diagnostic equipment, plus a whole section on fault finding.

part no. 504317 ‍£‍ ‍28.00


The Haynes manual on welding

The definitive DIY manual on welding. Covers gas, arc, MIG, WIG and plasma welding and cutting techniques. Includes theory, practical techniques, safety procedures and advice on choosing equipment. A practical project chapter shows how to use welding equipment to build a trailer.

part no. 504327 ‍£‍ ‍28.00


Haynes Bodywork and Paintwork Manual

The definitive DIY manual on car bodywork repair!
Topics range from simple dent and scratch repair to fitting complete body panels, with some useful advice on assessing the severity of accident damage. Whether you're just starting out with some filler and a can of touch-up paint or want to become an expert with a spray gun, this book is for you.

part no. 504324 ‍£‍ ‍28.00


Haynes Suspension, Steering and Driveline manual

Covers common US suspension, steering and driveline systems. Including overhauls of differentials and drive axles. Covers front wheel drive and rear wheel drive vehicles, maintenance, repair and replacement of all major components, performance modifications, complete front-end rebuild, shock absorber and strut replacement, driveaxle and boot replacement, complete wheel alignment specifications, tools and equipment, glossary of terms, and how to improve your vehicle's ride and handling. Everything you need to know to successfully maintain and repair your suspension, steering and driveline systems.

part no. 504330 ‍£‍ ‍28.00


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