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Special price weekend

Ladies and gentlemen, dear customers,

A cold winter, dark days and the classic car stands alone in the garage.All this is coming soon. There is is no reason for a bad mood!

We have something to make you smile here: an extraordinary but not indecent offer: the special price weekend from today, 25 October up to and including Sunday, 27 October 2019.

Choose the right price for yourself for a long weekend!

As our customers, we always see you as a partner, extremely fair and equitable. It happens that a part gets into a package inadvertently too much and without calculation, never before has this simply been kept, often even returned free of charge, at this point many thanks for that!

So let us know your wishes: Article number and special price

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Please enter until Sunday 27 October 2019, 24:00 hrs.

Our commercial customers are invited, for example, to replenish their stocks of wear and tear or consumables at the special price they require, or to buy an interesting, much sought-after tool.

Please understand the campaign as a heartfelt thank-you for your faithfulness, loyalty and devotion for so many years...!

We look forward to hearing of you

SC Parts Team