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Ladies and gentlemen, dear customers,

there are a few people to whom one should give a gift for Christmas. The helpful club mate, the friendly neighbour, the charming lady at the tyre service, the colleague who postponed his holiday date for me without complaining and of course the good buddy who not only lent me the welding machine but also got the repair panel himself.With us you'll find a suitable present, certainly.

And because we would like to thank you as a loyal customer, there are gifts from us for you. Click here, the big SC Parts Group gift campaign is still running.

Precious leather for eternity

These bags are manufactured with traditional saddler machines according to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Every seam is first glued and then sealed with a rivet after sewing. Equipped in this way, the bags patinate into decorative and nostalgic collector's items that can be used for decades.

Leather bags

McQueen's Machines: The Cars and Bikes of a Hollywood Icon

With a wealth of details about Steve McQueen's racing career, stunt work and car and motorcycle collecting, McQueen's Machines draws a fascinating picture of one outsized man's driving passion.

Our cookie cutters are a bit "off topic" - but we had real fun developing these.

If in garage or workshop everything is done, continue inside the house. These well made cutters open a wide range of use: Multilayered cookies, shaped puddings or icing shapes - whatever comes into your mind.

Doubrella / Cabrioschirm

Our dual-use good idea: On one hand a convenient umbrella for you and your partner, even in a formal environment. On the other hand a clever solution to protect your Classic's cockpit against sun, dust and rain showers. Span 160 x 90 cm