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Ultimate E-Type

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Ultimate E-Type
The Competition Cars. Written by Philip Porter, 528 pages with 700 most coloured illustrations, size: 285 x 260 mm, binding: hardcover with book jacket, language: English
The Lightweight Es are the ultimate E-Types, and this is the ultimate book on these charismatic cars. This is the full story of the competition E-Types that took on the might of the Ferrari and often beat the legendary GTOs and the AC Cobras. With copious unseen period photographs and original Jaguar reports, the glory years of the '60s are told as never before, including the build up to the Lightweights and the evolution of the Low Drag versions. This book is packed full of material to fascinate and inform E-Type and motor-racing enthusiasts...
Author Philip Porter
Pages 528
Format 260 mm x 285 mm