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Carburettor balancer

39 GBP
Carburettor balancer
SK type. Air flow range from 1 to 30 kg/h
SK and BK carburettor balancers are especially suitable for constant draft carburettors such as Zenith Stromberg and SU. They will not choke the air intake and will not be affect the mixture strength, even at high idle. The flow meters are available as single instruments to be used with a cone adapter or also as sets of two or more instruments using special adapters: Using two instruments, the hands are free to accelerate,
Tuning specialists may use the most effective method of synchronizing multiple carburettors with two instruments connected to the carburettor until the tune up is completed (including all timing, mixture, high idle warm up and the final normal idle adjustments). The air flow can be constantly observed, with special tight fitting adapters