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Brake bleeding set

24 GBP
an excellent way to take away the fuss and mess from bleeding hydraulic systems
Multiple test winner: Our brake bleeder kit
After all work on the brake system, at least the affected circuit, but better the entire system needs to be bleeded. Bleed brake and clutch cuircits easily and safely on your own, without a helping hand. For this purpose, connect the bleeder kit to the air pressure (e. g. spare wheel) and allow the brake fluid to be forced through the line. Ready. Bubble-free!
The magnet on the bottom of the bottle makes it easy to attach to metal parts.
• 1 x bottle
• 1 x bottle cap assembly with tyre connector
• 3 x hose set - 3.5 x 303 mm, 5.4 x 303 mm, 5.4 x 183 mm
• 1 x 25 mm cap and seal for Lockheed systems
• 1 x 27 mm cap and seal for VAG
• 1 x 44/45 mm plastic cap
• 2 x seal for metal Girling and all ATE systems (for 44 mm use thin seal, for 45 mm use thick seal)
• 1 x 46 mm cap and seal for some Girling systems.
Other caps are available should these not fit the vehicle’s reservoir.