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Seal kit brake master cylinder

66.44 GBP
Seal kit brake master cylinder
including plastic adaptors

Jaguar XJ6 Series II from November 1973 to February 1977: 2.8 from 2U50002, 4.2 short wheel base models from 2M1659, 2M50016, 2N3480 and 2N51655, 4.2 long wheel base models from 2S1089 to 2S8773 and from 2S50002 to 2S50447 and from 2T1526 to 2T20264 and from 2T50002 to 2T65826, 4.2 Vanden Plas to 3C1548 and 3C50008, 4.2 Coupe to 2J2830, 2J53207, 2H2125 and 2H50087, 3.4 to 3A4334, 3A51202, 3B2726 and 3B50004 • XJ12 Series II from November 1973 to February 1977: Jaguar Saloon from 2R50211 to 2R57410(LHD) and from 2R1478 to 2R4471(RHD), Jaguar Coupé from 2G51199 (LHD) and to 2G1379 (RHD), Daimler Saloon 2K50006 to 2K50142 (LHD) and from 2K1079 to 2K2541 (RHD), Daimler Coupé to 2F50024 (LHD) and to 2F1208 (RHD), Vanden Plas from 2P50002 to 2P50222 (LHD) and from 2P1152 to 2P2041 (RHD)