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108 GBP
12 volts, 220 CCA capacity, integrated wires with clamps, illumination with 2 bright LED, small dimension (22 x 10 x 19 cm), weight: only 4 kg!
Variant with 230V Euro plug
These battery boosters are the smallest most powerful jumpstart packs in its class with a 14AH high capacity. The boosters deliver instant cold crank power when you need it and have a fast rechargeable long life battery. They are easy to handle and hey are extremely compact, making them easy to store in your car, camper van, boat, forklift, truck, bus or jet ski.
Battery booster features:
• The product adopts instant strong discharged battery. Only small storage space is needed. Easy for anyone to use.
• The product can instantly start the engine even with a dead battery without the assistance from another engine. Furthermore, saving your engine will not be limited with the length of cables when the battery of the engine has been exhausted or out of order. The powerful unit can directly and instantly start up to 12V Petrol or Diesel engines. If you connect 2 battery boosters together, it will become more powerful and you can start 24V Diesel engines.
• The product ensures the computer system will not be damaged or return the digital records to Zero when restarting the engine. Normally, using one battery to start another battery often causes the computer system to be damaged or return the original records to Zero because of the instant risk and fall of voltage.
• The automatic control circuit of the product will automatically power-off the fully charged battery booster, which will increase the life span of the product. The product can be charged at any time, and long time charging will not damage the product.
• The battery booster is equipped with plastic protectors and is short-circuit proof.
• The product is provided with two powerful LEDs to illuminate the dark.