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Castrol Brake fluid

36.1 GBP
Brake fluid

Rolls Royce and Bentley Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and Bentley S-Type fitted with a metal reservoir (1955-66) • Rolls Royce Silver Shadow and Bentley T-Type fitted with a metal reservoir (1965-80)

Citroën pre 1966 models fitted with a black reservoir

RR363 is a conventional synthetic brake fluid blended with castor oil for added lubricity. It is fully approved by Rolls Royce for use in their hydraulic systems fitted to earlier models using DOT3.
It is also suitable for use in place of LHS2.
Oil Name RR363
Viscosity -
Base Oil synthetic
Specifications • MVSS 116
• DOT 3
• SAE J 1703
• ISO 4925 (Class 3).
Scope multigrade
Filling Quantity 1 l