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Meguiar's Car odour eliminator

11.11 GBP
Car odour eliminator
Unlike most odor control products, this remarkable formula safely removes offensive odors and doesn't allow them to return again when the car interior heats up or gets wet. Other products either try to cover up the odor with a stronger fragrance that soon fades or they only provide temporary relief. Cars are a lot tougher area in which to control odors than homes. The space is compact, temperature extremes are common, high humidity conditions occur and moisture can be brought in due to rain or snow. Meguiar's Car Odor Eliminator is the proven way to instantly and safely remove strong odors such as smoke, sweaty workout gear, pet odor, food smells and more. And the compact 296 mls bottle can be kept in the glove compartment to quickly deal with emergencies.
Filling Quantity 296 ml