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Car cover

Car cover
grey for outdoor use

Jaguar Mk10 und 420G (1961-70) • XJ40 LWB models (1992-94) • X300 (XJ) LWB models from VIN...720125 to 812255 (1993-97) • X308 (XJ8) 3.2 and 4.0 LWB models from VIN...812317 to F59525 (1997-2003) • X350 (XJ) from VIN...G00442 to H32732 (2003-09)

other manufacturers Audi: A8 (from 1994), S8 (from 1997), BMW: 7 Series (from 1977), Cadillac: Coupe de Ville Saloon (1985-2005), Eldorado Coupe (1979-2002), Fleetwood (1989-96), Sixty Special (1989-96), Seville 4x4 (1975-2004), Chevrolet: Bel Air Saloon (1955-57), Impala (1994-96 und from 2000), Lumina (1990-2001), Monte Carlo (1995-2007), Citroën: C6 Saloon (from 2006), SM Coupe (1970-75), XM Liftback (1989-2000), Ford: Zephyr Mk4 (1966-72), Zodiac Mk4 (1966-72), Fairlane Coupe (1955-70), Five Hundred Saloon (2005-07), Taurus Saloon (1996-2007), Thunderbird Coupe (1958-71 and 1980-97), Thunderbird Convertible (1958-71), Torino Saloon and Coupe (1968-76), Lexus: LS (from 1989), Maserati: Quattroporte II (1963-69), Quattroporte III (1979-90), Pontiac: GTO Coupe (1964-74), Rover: P5 Saloon und Coupe (1958-73), Talbot: Tagora Saloon (1980-83), Vauxhall: Cresta (1965-72), Velox PC (1965-72), VXR8 Saloon (from 2007), VW: Phaeton LWB models (from 2002)

Volvo 242 and 244 (1974-84) • 264 (1975-82)

Mercedes Benz W112 Saloon, Coupe and Convertible (1961-65) • W108 Saloon (1965-72) • W109 Saloon (1965-72) • W116 Saloon (1972-80) • C140 Coupe (1996-99) • W126 Saloon (1979-91) • C126 Coupe (1981-91) • W140 Saloon SWB models (1991-99) • C140 Coupe (1991-99) • W220 Saloon SWB models (1999-2006) • W221 Saloon SWB models (1999-2006)

Rolls Royce and Bentley Rolls Royce: Silver Shadow I & II Saloon (1965-80), Carmargue Coupe (1975-86), Corniche I-III Carbiolet (1971-92), Silver Wraith II Saloon (1977-80) • Bentley T-Series (1965-80), Corniche (1971-2002), Continental Cabriolet (1971-2002), Turbo R (1985-97)

Our Car covers are made from high quality materials to ensure that your quality expectations will always be met and surpassed. We use the latest generation materials, double stitching, durable securing straps and purpose made fittings. We have a wide range of cover materials available. There is a black indoor cover available, a heavy duty grey outdoor cover and a silver grey one for both indoor and outdoor use.
The breathable indoor dust cover is manufactured from a thick non-woven material in a black colour. It is breathable and 100% UV resistant to protect paintwork and prevent colour fade and comes with elasticated hems and underbody straps for a snug fit. This type of car cover will not deposit fluff on mohair or canvas hooding material and is both machine and hand washable.
The silver grey car cover is light yet very strong. It is often used on daily driven vehicles where overnight protection is required. Good compressibility and small storage size make it ideal to remove and pop in the boot when not in use. The silver grey cover is breathable, 100% ultraviolet resistant, protect from rain, snow, sunlight, dust, dirt, tree sap, birds etc., and annoying little scratches. They are suitable for year round use, helping to keep interiors cool in hot weather and protecting from frost and snow in winter.
The heavy duty outdoor cover comes with a soft lining to protect paintwork. It is a substantial cover weighing about 3 kg and packed in a sturdy zipped storage bag with handles. The grey coloured outer skin is soft and pliable, yet totally waterproof, and the stitched seams are heat sealed.
Of course you can order your free colour sample: 523245 (black), 509283 (silver grey) and 355026 (grey).