Canvas hood cover

369.12 GBP
black - double duck material

MG MGB Roadster (1962-80) • MGC Roadster (1967-69)

Hood materials and specifications: A: Heavy duty vinyl: A popular grade material specifically formulated to reproduce the texture and appearance of the vynil hoods on most British sports cars. The typical life expectancy for this material is over 5 years. Available in black only. B: Everflex Vinyl: Used as Original Equipment by most British sports car Manufacturers. Our Everflex hoods and tonneaus are considered to be the best choice for those seeking to retain that "original factory appearance". The typical life expectancy for this material is over 10 years. Various colours available. C: Double duck: A 20 oz canvas hooding fitted as standard to many classic cars. This material is popular as a direct replacement to a vinyl hood, offering improved insulation properties in comparision to vinyl hoods. Available in black only. D: Mohair: A superior quality canvas material considered to be the finest car hooding material available and used as original equipment by many of the worlds luxury car manufacturers. We have seen 20 plus years old examples of hoods made from this fabric that still look as good as new. Mohair does not require any special treatments and is available in various colours.