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Cam lube

7.98 GBP
Cam lube
recommended for fitting camshafts and auxiliary shafts
Recommended for initial lubrication of engine components during assembly. These items include cam lobes, followers, journals, bearings, pushrod tips, rockers, bushes, gears, thrusts and chains. Only a light film of product is required so it should be used sparingly. It should not be used on pistons as the molybdenum disulphide may hamper the bedding in process. Cam Lube has also been used most satisfactorily in veteran engines with exposed valves and valve springs as a means of protection against rust and corrosion whilst the vehicle is not being used.
Customer Benefits:
• withstands loadings of greater than 200,000 psi
• provides highest protection possible in the vital first seconds of starting a newly re-built engine when most wear can occur
• will not harm white metal bearings
Filling Quantity 250 ml