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Gaz Shock absorber

130 GBP
front suspension

TVR Wedge: Tasmin (1980-84) • 280i (1980-87) • 350i and 350SX (1983-89) • 350SE (1990-91) • 390SE (1984-88) • 420SE (1986-87) • 400SE, 400SX and 430SE (1988-91) • 450SE (1989-90)

Gaz Shock absorbers
a real leap forward in performance suspension. A new range of fully adjustable competition and fast road shock absorbers and suspension kits for the discerning driver.
Flexibility: Easy 36 point rotary adjustment providing the facility for fine tuning without the need to remove the shock absorber from the car. Revolutionary: Double lip seal plus a further stem seal on the piston rod. Produces a shock absorber with unrivalled performance characteristics for both the road and track. Drivability: Employing our complete understanding of every aspect of damping technology we believe that Gaz shock absorbers strike the ultimate balance between comfort and performance road holding. Reliability: Every unit is fully tested and dispatched from our factory with an individual dynamometer report. Quality: Made to accredited ISO9002 standard and supplied with a 3 year warranty. Durability: Zinc plated body that resists salt spray and road grime on vehicles where detailing really matters. Availability: A full range of full adjustable shock absorbers and suspension kits for popular models.