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Hand taps

15.97 GBP
Hand tap
10 piece imperial set with UNF and UNC hand taps from 1/4 to 1/2"
This kit is a useful addition for frequent use in the workshop. Manufactured from high-alloy tool steel according to DIN 100CR6 and oil-hardened to a hardness of Rockwell 58-62, these drills offer a special feature: they combine the usual three taps in one. Blind holes are a bit more difficult and the single drill bit needs more space. But the working speed is much higher because there is no need to re-clamp and reposition. Straight and clean threads in a continuous operation.
• 5 UNF hand taps: 1/4"x28, 5/16"x24, 3/8"x24, 7/16"x20 and 1/2"x20
• 5 UNC hand taps: 1/4"x20, 5/16"x18, 3/8"x16, 7/16"x14 and 1/2"x13.