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Fuel pump

228 GBP
Fuel pump
with dual polarity. Maintenance-free electric 12 volt petrol pump for carburettor engines

other manufacturers For vehicles with Weber, SU, Solex, Dellorto, Zenith-Stromberg or Mikuni carburettors such as Volkswagen, Opel and Vauxhall, Ford, BMW, NSU and most British Classic cars

Fuel pump for carburettor engines
"Our" fuel pump. The best and most reliable universal fuel pump ever...
• For all carburettor engines with 12 Volt on-board voltage. Positive or negative ground.
• Easy to install, multilingual manual included
• Compact and lightweight
• The fuel supply starts immediately
• Unusually durable
• Integrated exchangeable microfilter protects the sensitive carburetor mechanics
• Pressure self-regulating due to internal bypass
• The rate of delivery automatically adapts to the fuel requirement of the engine.
• ...and it even makes the right typical English sound.
Delivery rate approx. 90 litres/hour. Working pressure 0.3 bar. Dimensions about 17 x 6 cm, hose connectors 8 mm. These pumps are often used in competition vehicles. They are suitable for all carburettor engines. High-capacity engines that cannot be supplied sufficiently by one pump can be operated very well with 2 fuel pumps connected in parallel.